Research Papers

We have written or contributed to a wide range of policy papers and research reports requiring economic, financial and/or management expertise. They include the following:

  • Business plans for a textile, clothing, footwear and leather design centre
  • An independent financial audit of the Northern Territory
  • A national review of builders warranty insurance and consumer protection
  • An independent review of the perception of a job broker by its funding clients
  • An asset management policy and procedures training manual
  • Treasury policy and procedure guidelines for a central government borrowing authority
  • An independent inquiry into the financial sustainability of NSW local government
  • A report to a government on the establishment of its state property authority.
  • A report on Sydney’s liveability crisis with ideas for reforming local government
  • A capability review of the department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • A community infrastructure rehabilitation proposal that was adopted by government
  • A guide to how to develop, publish and rollout integrated public service delivery strategies
  • A benchmarking of several public policy-making case studies against best practice criteria
  • A review of the formatting of an agency’s monthly management financial reports
  • A client services charter for a government authority
  • A submission to a federal inquiry into local government financial assistance grants
  • A review of Boxing Day retail trading legislation in New South Wales
  • A review of the industrial scope and boundaries of the Australian financial sector
  • A review of available online policy and procedure manuals suitable for a start-up business

If you are seeking a policy paper or report for a government, business or not-for-profit agency contact so we can discuss your needs and how best to address them.